Ain’t No Party Like A Dolcett Party, ‘Cause a Dolcett Party is Delicious

Backward Dolcett Party
This would take some special effect wizardry to pull off. Hat tip to the Dolcett Archives

This post on Rain DeGrey, and the launching of Offbeatr, got me reminiscing. About ten years ago, I had the idea of holding a Dolcett BBQ. Not a real one, mind you. Obviously. But sort of a Dolcett festival. We get some ladies to pose as ‘meat’, and charge guys to come to the BBQ. We parade the girls around, in bondage, really play up the whole preparation aspect of the Dolcett fantasy, then pretend to cook them, and serve ‘real’ BBQ instead. They guys would be in on this, of course, so it would some sort of cannibalistic LARP.

I had no business doing this. I had no money, no experience planning large events, no experience with anything remotely kinky IRL, none of the things that would be needed to actually pull this sort of thing off. This did not deter me.

And for a while, things went well. I had women interested being meat (well, they said they were women, and sent photos of women. I never met any of them in person, so they all could have been one guy, for all I know.) They weren’t paid models, they were just Dolcett fans. I had some guys want to be ‘meat’, as well. I had people who were interested in paying for a ticket for this shindig. I was scouting locations. Things were going well.

Eventually, reality set in. I had no funding, and relying on ticket sales to bootstrap the entire thing just wouldn’t work. All that I had been doing was talking and fantasizing, which is fun, but easier than actual action. Everything just sort of fizzled out.

Now, though….kink is even more accepted. Crowdsourcing lets people fund all sorts of things they couldn’t otherwise. I’m still a schlub, but I’m now an older schlub, so that should count for something. This will still take some more planning, and considering, and it may never happen. But the possibilities. Oh, the possibilities.

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