Schemes for 2014

All I want for Christmas...
All I want for Christmas… (Photo credit: Mikamatto)

I will do more in 2014. That is, I intend to do more, a whole lot more, in 2014. In order to achieve that, I’ll list my goals. You are encouraged to mock me if it looks like I’m not making them.

  1. Write a Novel-Length Work. That’s 50,000 words. One novel of splatterpunk, guro, Dolcett porn, whatever you want (or I want) to call it. At least one feeling of existential dread, disgust, and orgasm per chapter.
  2. Finish My Two In-Progress Stories. “Friday Night”, and “Family Picnic.”
  3. Write Five More Short Stories. 5000-10,000 each. Enough for an anthology.
  4. CannibalCon. This one is a bit more complicated. Remember that idea I had for a cannibal convention? Well, I have been talking with some people who run an established BDSM convention, and they might be interested in a ‘Dolcett Track’, presenting sexual cannibalism and related subjects as a literary, artistic, and roleplaying genre. This is still definitely in the ‘maybe’ stage, but if things break the right way, it could be very cool.
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House Steel Cross: The Tender Mercies of Ryuna Siege

A 24/7 BDSM Lifestyle for you to Watch and Take Part In

Hey there! I’m a 20 year old girl in service to the BDSM family known as House Steel Cross. Within our household I am the youngest Switch. That means that while I delight in serving my Masters sexually, emotionally and domestically I am also learning to train, dominate and sensually torture our other household slave girls and boys. We live a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle that is safe(r), sane, consensual, and fun! We’re I’m inviting you to watch, learn–and even take control along with me and my Masters.

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Questions on a Dolcett Convention

Woman in fetishistic outfit consisting of peak...
Woman in fetishistic outfit consisting of peaked cap with communist emblem and military style camouflage corset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s say there was a convention for Dolcett and Dolcett-related materials. Not that it would be officially ‘Dolcett-based’, i.e., sponsored and branded to him, but that genre we all know and love. And let’s say it took place in our world- a world where cannibalism and such-like is still illegal and frowned upon, and it’s all still roleplay, etc. Our world, and you would be going there as enthusiasts of a literary, graphic, and roleplaying genre. Some questions:

  • What would want to see as attractions at this convention? What guest stars, music, movie screenings, events, all that stuff? Remember, this is taking place in our world, and it has to be legal(ish).
  • What workshops and forums would you like to see? Writing workshops, drawing turtorials? Special effects? Forums on good scene etiquette, historical, psychological and sociological bases of our kink? Legal workshops, outreach, consciousness raising?
  • What security precautions would be necessary for you? A ban on all photography & video? Everybody is encouraged to wear masks, or anti-surveillance clothing (btw, designing anti-surveillance fetish clothing would be a fascinating challenge)? Having it at a remote location? Having it at a non-remote location, so that if something goes wrong, help is easy to find?
  • How much would you pay for a full-service, weekend convention? Assume that you would get a discount on the hotel (or campsite), but the lodging price would not be covered.
  • How far would you go? An hour’s drive? A day’s drive? Would you cross the country for this (assuming that it was your ideal convention?)

Please let me know your answers in the comments. These questions represent no concrete plans, just idle speculation.

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I write pornography. Some of it is pretty weird.